Beglik tash, an early Thracian settlement was discovered in 2003 near the Ropotamo reserve, only 14 km away from Lozenets. Excavations show that it's already been inhabited in the early 8th century BC.

Beglik Tash is a natural phenomenon of huge megaliths carved by a Thracian tribe and later used for pagan ceremonies. It is part of a wider surrounding area and a natural rock formation of huge monolithic blocks of volcanic origin, and were formed of hardened magma that erupted from a volcano active during the Mesozoic era. Currently, an open-air museum is maintained by the Burgas Historical Society. Most of the megaliths have traces of carvings for the purposes of Thracian rituals. There are also the remains of a labyrinth that visitors can pass through. A Thracian sun clock is also visible on one of the stones.



Ropotamo is a national park known for its colorful water lilies. It consists of four separate reserve areas. Ropotamo lies only 18 km away from the village of Lozenetz.

It's been named after the Greek goddess Ro (meaning "run"; potamo means "river") who, with her songs and charm, won the mercy of pirates terrorizing ancient Apollonia (nowadays Sozopol).

The flora and the fauna includes rare and endangered by extinction species, what makes it a nature complex of world wide importance. Dragon flies, butterflies, turtles, and harmless water snakes make their homes along the river banks.

Tour boats regularly ply the lower section of the river, and are boarded at a well-marked area just past the bridge. The tourists can enjoy taking a trip and exploring many different species in their natural habitat. The lower Ropotamo is a popular tourist attraction because of the water lilies and the rock formations above the river, on some of which white-tailed-eagles nest.



The village of Rezovo lies 25 km south of Lozenec. It is the southernmost point on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The Fortress Kastracion is situated 3 km away from Rezovo and is rich in historical evidence.

Silistar inlet lies just next to Rezovo village. It is so isolated, that one can really believe he'd traveled back in past and had found a new land. The 1 km long beach offers a back to nature trip after which you feel recharged and fresh.

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