The lovely village of Lozenets is located 60km south of Bourgas and it is one of the few bulgarian resorts, that combines the  seaside, mountains, rivers with exotic nature and the variaty of the fauna. The seaside resort is for all those, who seek placidity, quietness and unic landscape as well. The village of Lozenets is surrounded by several rivers, wrapped in a tense forest at the foot of the Strandzha Mountains that are laying right down to the seashore, furrowing the lovely village. The beautiful beach nearby the reasort attracts even the fussiest tourists with it's crystal purity and fine golden sand. For the admirerers of the privacy, Lozenec also has  deserted beach-spots, fence in beautiful seacliffs .


The entire seascape comes together with a great number of folk-style restaurants, hotels, fancy cocktail bars and nightclubs, laying right on the seashore. The local exotic bars, where everyone can enjoy his favourite cocktails, simply are a guarantee for a miraculous nightlife.


The beach of Lozenetz offers a great outdoor diversion even for the pickiest tourists. Some of the few amusements, offered by the resort include surfing, fishing, sailing, scuba-diving, beach volley-ball, jet-skiing, tennis-court and many more. Once you've sinked in the magic, called Lozenetz, you'll hardly get rid of it's charm.


During the whole season the cultural calendar of Lozenets is oversaturated with plenty of concerts, recitals, contests, an annual photo-feast, hiking in the countryside, visiting interesting beauty spots.


Lozenets, Bulgaria | Preobrazhenska Street 18 (central beach) | Tel.: 00359 (0) 895-680-595 | Tel.: 056/916-778 | E-mail: info@luxor-lozenets.com